interior protection

CLEANWRAP Interior Protection specializes in the nationwide installation of Temporary Interior Protection Systems. Using reinforced engineered poly film and our proven installation methods, CLEANWRAP Interior Protection installations prevent re-roofing and remodeling dust and debris from cross contaminating clean-room type environments within commercial facilities, retail stores, class A office space, and just about any type of environment you want kept clean. Our services include Suspended Ceilings, Construction Wall Barriers, High Structure Cleaning and various other types of custom applications.

We realize you need a professional answer to your client’s Interior Protection needs. Our installers are experienced and safety trained. Our crews have traveled nationwide installing interior protection. CLEANWRAP Interior Protection’s combination of materials and installation techniques have been approved as a welcomed remedy for critical problems by Architects, Facility Engineers, Roofing Consultants and Roofing Contractors. All our materials are industrial strength and can be customized with various additives including fire retardant and anti-static treatments.  CLEANWRAP Interior Protection can work with you and your clients to find a solution that will reduce risks from dust and debris contamination.

Our interior protection techniques have proven time and again to be the best approach for installing suspended ceilings and partition walls designed to keep contaminants out of the working environment. After all, hanging tarps can only do so much. When your reputation is on the line, don’t you want peace of mind knowing that you have partnered with a trustworthy Interior Protection contractor? CLEANWRAP Interior Protection’s dust and debris containment systems offer a trusted solution to roofing debris.

Contact CLEANWRAP Interior Protection by calling 888-597-3334 or sending an email to and let us show you how our interior protection expertise can work for you on your next re-roofing or construction project.

When hanging tarps is not enough…