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High Structure Cleaning

High Structure Cleaning & High Dusting Service | CleanWrap


Cleanwrap-High-Structure-CleaningHigh Structure Cleaning

As we all know, dirt, dust, and other harmful debris can be accumulating in the ceilings inside a work place, creating health hazards.  A large part of our interior dust and debris protection service is eliminating dust and dirt after a roofing or renovation project. Dust, dirt, and oil caused by production effluents, air pollution or simply carried in the ambient air over time can be eliminated by employing our special project crews.

Every re-roofing or remodeling project creates dust and debris.  Although the Suspended Ceiling catches the contamination, CLEANWRAP Interior Protection offers High Structure Cleaning as an additional service to our customers to further prevent and reduce the risk of harmful and unwanted contamination.  Without High Structure Cleaning, the roofing debris and dust would remain a contamination threat.

High Structure Cleaning is performed during takedown of the suspended ceiling by using hand brooms, brushes, HEPA vacuums and other tools to clean and remove non-adhered dust and debris captured on pipes, ductwork, metal beams, trusses, and other horizontal surfaces.  CLEANWRAP Interior Protection’s High Structure Cleaning service provides additional assurances against dust and debris contamination.  When your facility has lingering dust and debris in hard-to-reach places,  CLEANWRAP Interior Protection’s High Structure Cleaning service can add another layer of prevention and security.For more information on CLEANWRAP’s High Structure Cleaning, contact us by calling 888-697-3334 or sending an email to [email protected]

DSC00676No matter how hard you might work to keep your building looking nice, sometimes an even more important concern is what’s right above your head. Dirt, dust, and harmful debris can be accumulating in the ceilings and high places inside your facility, creating health hazards and causing an unsightly buildup that can be almost impossible to clean without special equipment. High Structure Cleaning is most commonly used in conjunction with Suspended Ceiling during takedown when remainingdust and debris needs to be cleaned from high, horizontal surfaces.

Dust and debris caused by a recent roofing project can settle onto exposed steel beams or closed drop ceilings. Our team is devoted to providing dust and debris containment solutions that eliminate contamination while we are on the job and after we leave. For this reason, the High Structure Cleaning option is often the last step in our process.If your business or company needs High Structure Cleaning Services, high wall cleaning, FRP cleaning, open structures cleaning, tile floor/brick/block cleaning, dock doors cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture & panels cleaning, fire damage cleaning, light fixture cleaning, fabric partition cleaning and other structure cleaning, contact us.

Contact CLEANWRAP Interior Protection by calling 888-597-3334 or sending an email to [email protected] – or reach out to us on Facebook and let us show you how our interior protection expertise can work for you on your next re-roofing or construction project. Also read more about the cost of interior protection.