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High Structure Cleaning

High Structure Cleaning & High Dusting Service | CLEANWRAP™


Cleanwrap-High-Structure-CleaningHigh Structure Cleaning

All construction projects generally create dust & debris. Dust may settle on vents, duct works, ceiling pipes, and lighting fixtures during a construction project and even afterward. Although the Suspended Ceiling Covers are installed to prevent dust and debris from contaminating products, people, and equipment below, there are certain site-line locations where dust and debris settle on horizontal surfaces above the site line of the suspended barrier.

Ignoring the dust and debris that settles on high structures like air ducts, lighting, or shelving can become a major problem when this dust and debris begins to fall. Therefore, this debris must be cleaned up as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent contamination of your client’s products, damage to their expensive equipment, and harm to their employees.

Thus, a major component of high-structure cleaning is dust removal. So, apart from Dust and Debris Containment during your project work, High Structure Cleaning is another necessary aspect that must not be overlooked for the following reasons.

Hazards Avoided with High Structure Cleaning

Harm to the Health of Your Employees:

If not cleaned up quickly and efficiently, dust and debris can cause multiple health issues among your employees. Dust inhalation can lead to future breathing problems like asthma and can even result in lung cancer or death. As dust can dry out the skin, it can also cause skin irritation to employees. Moreover, when combined with moisture, dust and debris can also become a medium for germs to thrive, leading to further health hazards.

Damage to Your Expensive Equipment:

Dust settling on electronics and equipment can lead to overheating of some machines. Some electrical components may become damaged or even melt when equipment parts are exposed to excessive heat. The damage caused to machine parts requires equipment repair causing a loss of time, money, and resources. Equipment can also age prematurely due to dust. The dust settled on equipment obstructs it from working properly as the mechanics of the equipment may have to work harder to push through the dust, exhausting the machine at a faster rate than if the machine were maintained and cleaned properly.

Contamination of a Product:

Falling dust and debris can damage your client’s products. When dust falls, it can settle on a product’s packaging or even directly onto a product if the product is not wrapped. Contamination from dust and debris will affect the quality of the product, especially in the case of food, medicines, and other consumables, preventing the product from being sold, and can decrease your client’s overall profits.

Make your Business Premises appear Unsightly:

Irrespective of your efforts to maintain the aesthetics of your business premises, dirt, dust, and harmful debris may be accumulating in the ceilings and high unreachable places inside your facility, causing an unsightly build-up that can be almost impossible to clean without special equipment. This may adversely affect the image and the reputation of your business.

The CLEANWRAP™ Solution


Since every re-roofing or remodeling project creates dust and debris, settling dust and debris is not avoidable but is treatable. Hence, a big task of interior dust and debris protection service is eliminating dust and dirt after a roofing or renovation project. Without High Structure Cleaning, the roofing debris and dust would remain a contamination threat.

Dust, dirt, and oil caused by production effluents, air pollution or simply harbored in the ambient air over time can be eliminated by employing the CLEANWRAP™ special project crews. The experts at CLEANWRAP™ are adept at handling problems associated with dust and debris settling on high structures as they are trained to clean the places that can’t be easily reached.

Although the Suspended Ceiling cover catches the contamination, CLEANWRAP Interior Protection offers High Structure Cleaning as an additional service to our customers to further prevent and reduce the risk of harmful and unwanted contamination.


At CLEANWRAP™, we perform High Structure Cleaning during the takedown of our suspended cover as well as a part of preventative safety maintenance using a variety of HEPA vacuums/Low-Velocity Air Washing, hand brooms, brushes, and other tools/techniques, to remove non-adhered dust and debris captured on pipes ductwork, metal beams, trusses, and other horizontal surfaces.

We perform high-structure cleaning in the interiors as well as exteriors of business or manufacturing facilities, such as manufacturing units, food preparation plants, school gymnasiums, movie theatres, cafeterias, churches, etc.

We address ceilings, high beams, lighting fixtures, clock towers, mechanical equipment, high wall cleaning, FRP cleaning, open structures cleaning, tile floor/brick/block cleaning, dock doors cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture & panels cleaning, fire damage cleaning, fabric partition cleaning, and other structure cleanings.


Our staff is lift and scaffold trained and well-versed in other safety hazards that may be encountered during the task as we follow OSHA-compliant practices. They are experienced in reaching those places that are out of reach and sometimes out of view but can contaminate the air and lower structures in your building.

They access and clean them thoroughly using various cleaning methods, such as HEPA vacuums, hand wiping, high-pressure washing, air sweeping, or a combination of 2 or more methods, as per the job requirement. Dust and debris caused by a recent roofing project can settle onto exposed steel beams or closed drop ceilings.

Our team is devoted to providing dust and debris containment solutions that eliminate contamination while we are on the job and after we leave. For this reason, the High Structure Cleaning option is often the last step in our process.

CLEANWRAP: Your Ultimate High Structure Cleaning Partner

CLEANWRAP™ Interior Protection’s High Structure Cleaning service provides additional assurances against dust and debris contamination. When your facility has lingering dust and debris in hard-to-reach places, CLEANWRAP™ Interior Protection’s High Structure Cleaning service can add another layer of prevention and security.

For more information on CLEANWRAP™ High Structure Cleaning, contact us by calling 888-697-3334 or sending an email to [email protected].

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