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Remodeling, roofing, and general construction projects can become quite messy. Dust and other debris can enter your home or business, contaminating everything in its path. Is there a way to protect your property during construction? CLEANWRAP Interior Protection provides interior protector services for residential and business properties throughout the United States. Below, we will discuss why interior protection is so important and how it works!

Interior Protection

Depending on the type of construction project, we use the following types of interior protection.

Temporary Ceiling Covers (Temporary Suspended Ceilings)

Temporary Suspended ceilings can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for businesses and homes going through remodels and re-roofing projects. Our team can cover up wires, plumbing lines, and air ducts in different areas of your home or business. Our temporary ceiling covers are designed to stay in place for the duration of any projects and will be removed once the construction is completed. Suspended ceilings will protect your property from dust, debris, and unsightly wires or ducts.

Our temporary suspended ceiling cover also allow your fire suppression systems to work correctly in the event of a fire. If you are planning a construction project, give CLEANWRAP Interior Protection a call today. We design custom interior protection barriers for your property.

Temporary Construction Wall (Temporary Dust Wall Barrier)

Construction barriers are used when you have remodels or general construction occurring on your property. Our interior construction barriers protect your home or business from debris, dust, fumes, and other odors that are present during remodels. Temporary Construction walls are created using poly engineered film that fully seals off a work zone. These wall barriers are floor to ceiling length and used to keep clients and employees safe from the construction area.

Custom Applications

At CLEANWRAP Interior Protection, we create custom applications to fit your property’s needs. All structures are unique and need different types of interior protection, depending on the construction project. With our interior protection barriers, you can rest assured that your home or business is safe during a remodel or construction project. We protect your property from dust and debris contamination while creating a safe work and home space for you.

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