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Offices and commercial establishments are the dream building spaces of our society where every moment and every effort is a step in the direction of achieving their owner’s business goals! Not only that, they provide a livelihood to many. So, when you undertake a critical project to remodel or reroof your workspace, should your precious systems and equipment be at risk? Or should it affect the workflow? At Cleanwrap, we ensure that it isn’t, when you undertake this major project by providing high-grade Temporary ceiling covers (temp suspended covers). After all, it is your reputation at stake!

What are Temporary Suspended Ceilings or OR Ceiling Covers?

To the uninitiated, these are thin plastic-like sheets or tarps installed just below the ceiling while it is being remodeled or re-roofed. Though a deceptively simple installation, the importance of these plastic polyurethane sheets cannot be highlighted enough.

Temporary Suspended Ceilings not only enable dust and debris containment and roofing debris removal ensuring that the room below with its computers or other equipment is clean but also prevent the disruption of plant and office functions enabling the work to be carried on smoothly, hence the productivity remains largely unaffected when the reroofing project is going on.

Moreover, Temporary Suspended Ceilings ensure the sterility of the workspace by preventing moisture, heat, and contamination from germs thus protecting the construction workers and other individuals on the site. The safety of human life cannot be emphasized enough! It is with these critical factors in mind that Cleanwrap has come up with this interior safety system.

Will Temporary Suspended Ceilings Impair Your Fire Suppression Systems?

However, it is the Temporary Suspended Ceiling’s positioning below crucial safety systems like sprinklers that is usually a major cause of concern to your clients as they speculate how this installation will affect the Fire Suppression System. Temporary Suspended Ceilings could well prevent the system activation in the event of a fire, your clients may ask! These concerns are often prompted by their insurance companies as well, as they need to be assured that the Fire Suppression Systems are never impaired, no matter what!

To address such concerns, Cleanwrap has devised the Hot Drop Away and Green Drop Away systems in Temporary Suspended Ceilings to ensure that the Fire Suppression Systems will continue to function as they were supposed to, throughout the Temporary Interior Protection Process. For, Our UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Approved Systems integrate proprietary materials and installation methods for Temporary Ceiling Covers utilizing a heat release mechanism that works as follows.

Should there be a fire, these systems have in-built mechanisms that trigger the plastic covers or polyurethane sheets to fall away thereby ensuring that the flames or plumes of smoke reach the sprinkler system, thus activating them to function as they were supposed to. This happens because the material releases at the seams causing the polyurethane sheets to hang from center ties which allows the heat to rise and set off the Sprinkler System. Temporary Suspended Ceilings also prevent moisture, heat, and other variable elements from causing its impairment during the re-roofing process.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Temporary Suspended Ceilings Provider

When you undertake this critical project, it is best to ask certain questions so that you may take an informed decision.

  1. Quality: How good is the quality of materials and products used in the Temporary Suspended Ceilings?
  2. Your Budget: Do the project costs fit your budget?
  3. Commitment to Safety: Is your provider adhering to various Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations and standards during the construction? Are their employees trained on safety practices such as OSHA 1.0, Fall Protection and Safety Ladder Use, Safe Lift Operator, and Lock Out, Tag Out? Are they registered with organizations such as ISNET, Appruv and Avetta?
  4. Customer Care and Service: Are their operations and sales teams well coordinated?
  5. Track Record: How well have their past projects been planned and executed and how good is their Turn Around Time? What do their former clients have to say about them?
  6. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Approvals: Do they have UL Approvals for their Temporary Suspended Ceilings?
  7. Payment Schedules: Are their payment schedules comfortable for you? Since mostly you get paid only after the contract is executed!
  8. Insurance Cover: Do they have an insurance cover to execute projects across the country?
  9. Eco Friendly Practices: Are their materials being recycled to care for the environment?
The Cleanwrap Standards

At Cleanwrap, our answer to all these questions is a big YES! We use high-quality materials produced and manufactured in the USA. “But these may exceed my budget?” could be your next concern. Do not worry! We have several options in our Bid Proposal to meet your budget and requirements.

We follow very high safety standards allowing ample rest time to our installation crews. Not only that, we are always updated on certifications and training and are registered with ISNet, Appruv, and Avetta. We have a Safety Advisory Board with highly qualified Safety Directors and a comprehensive safety plan.

We understand that normally contractors get paid only after the execution of the project, hence we have fair payment schedules and never ask for a down payment! Our sales representatives will see your project through to completion. Not only our Senior Management but our Owners are also involved in day-to-day operations and sales as they have a name to live up to!

Proven Track Record

As a leading brand in the industry, we have a proven track record of completing projects as planned and well on time. We are the only interior protection company to have two UL Approved Systems to be installed beneath the Fire Sprinkler System! We are fully covered under Farmers Insurance and are insured to execute projects in fifty states across the United States.

Moreover, we are well connected with the roofing industry and are members of esteemed organizations such as NIPCA, NAWIC, and RCI. We promote small businesses in your community by renting lifts and equipment locally.

We also protect the Earth’s limited resources and hence the environment by refraining from printing elaborate brochures and promotional literature and recycling our materials wherever and whenever possible. Further, we ensure that we are updated with the latest technologies and practices.

Take Away

So, while choosing a provider for Temporary Ceiling Covers during reroofing for dust and debris containment, remember that contamination may sound deceptively simple but it could make a critical difference to your project planning and execution, and ultimately your client’s production, reputation, and peace of mind, and your own!

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